Tammy WallaceHello there! My name is Tammy Wallace and I’m stay at home mom of two kids. I setup this website to help you out with small everyday information that you might need in your life

My goal is that I would provide you with first-hand experiences, so you don’t need to learn on your own mistakes.

If you are also stay at home mom or dad and would like to gain more knowledge about any of topic covered below, then you are at right place.

Some of topics I’m covering on my site;

  • Finance managing
  • Home decor
  • All about gardens and flowers
  • Child care
  • Relationship advises
  • Health and beauty
  • Home crafts
  • And much more…

Even though I’m stay at home mom at the moment, that’s not all I ever was done. I got married soon after college. After college, I got a really nice job at the elementary school as the teacher. There is where I learn a lot about kids, art and different hobbies.

When I was 33 I gave a birth to my first child. Months later I decided to stay at home and care of my baby. Anyone with baby knows how chaotic that can be and how time-consuming it is. I used my organisation skills to manage baby, home and also had some extra time on my hands when baby was sleeping. that is when I start with my hobbies and solving numerous problems that come with owning house.

I hope you’ll enjoy my site and that you’ll become regular reader.