Stingray boots

Why to buy stingray cowboy boots?

When it comes to exotic western boots, you’ll see that boot makers use all kind of leather. One of those exotic leathers that are used, you’ll find leathers made out of fish skins like pirarucu fish and stingray. While some of you didn’t know that that leather made out of fish skins even exist, even more, don’t know they are of the strongest leathers in the world.

Stingray cowboy bootsOne of the reasons why pirarucu and stingray leathers are even used for cowboy boots is a beautiful texture of the leather. They’ll make your western boots stand out like nothing else. And if this is your thing, you should check them out.

Did you know that Samurai used stingray leather for armor? The reason why they used it for armor is that stingray leather is hard to puncture, torn or burn and on top of it is totally waterproof. What more do you want from a material for your western boots?

What to know about stingray cowboy boots?

One of the features you’ll often see on stingray cowboy boots is a white diamond shape on top of the foot. While some might think that that is a natural feature of stingray leather, that’s not true. That’s just colored shape that they put there because there is the part that wears off easily and would look bad. But if you color it white, you won’t even notice that that part is worn off. Pretty cool, a?

StetsonBoots stingraj cowboy bootsStingray cowboy boots are quite exotic, so you can expect a high price. And since the price is high, especially if you buy it from reputable boot maker that makes them by hand, you might want to look around to find the pair that is less expensive.

To find a pair that cost less, you could search for them online, where you can compare prices from different online retailers. Buying them online is pretty easy and selection is much better than in any local store. If you have a hard time finding best stingray cowboy boots, you can read this article where guys compared several different pairs and found best one.