Teak rocking chair tips

How to clean teak rocking chairs

Every now and there is time to clean the furniture. The teak rocking chair is no exception in that. So this is the reason why I want to talk with you about that.

We all know that with proper cleaning and maintaining of the teak furniture, it will last longer, even as long as your lifetime.

It’s well known, that teak wood is extremely durable and is naturally good in rot and weather resistant.

Cleaning teak rocking chairIf you are looking for the reason, why is so often used for boat building and boat decks exterior construction, the reason lays in its sturdiness and all kind of weather condition resistance.

The same reason is, why it’s used so many times for best poolside furniture and of course patio furniture as well, like the teak rocker.

Teak furniture is well known for its golden honey color when it’s new. Because it requires very little maintenance, its popularity grows every day. If you let any piece of teak patio or poolside furniture outside without proper care, eventually will develop silver gray patina color.

If you maintain and clean it properly, its luxurious golden honey color look will last for a long time.
With regular cleaning of your teak rocking chair, which is necessary, you will prevent discoloration and mold build-up.

Clean your teak rocking chair in 2 simple steps

Step 1

You should start cleaning your teak rocking chair with the least aggressive solution. Sometimes is enough to wash it with mild soap and water.

If this doesn’t show any result, you should gradually move to the something bit more aggressive cleaning solution.

Step 2

Here you can do two things. You can get a commercial teak cleaner from Amazon for the affordable price, or follow two solutions of my DIY with the item from your household.
The first DIY solution is to mix a vinegar with the gallon of warm water. This is very good and cheap, as well as the effective cleaning solution, to clean your teak furniture.

Second DIY is to mix one cup of bleach and one cup of laundry detergent with warm water. This is a bit rougher, yet effective solution to clean your teak rocking chair.

If your piece of teak furniture has tough stains, you can also mix two teaspoons of trisodium phosphate with warm water.

If your teak rocking chair is neglected with dark stains, it’s best for you to get one of the commercial grade cleaners from Amazon.

Rules and steps how to clean teak rocking chair

Here are rules and steps, how to clean teak rocker and other teak patio furniture.

Things you need:

  • Appropriate cleaning solution (soap, DIY solution, commercial cleaner)
  • Garden sprayer/spray bottle
  • Plastic scrubbing brush

To apply cleaning solution you need a garden sprayer or spray bottle. With the garden sprayer, you will do this job with less effort on your hands. It’s also better because the solution will be distributed evenly and smoothly.

Cleaning teakEvery piece of teak patio or teak poolside furniture you should clean on the well-ventilated area. You should spray your teak rocker or other teak wood furniture that you want to clean completely to get wet and let it soak.

Be sure, that you keep it wet, so the cleaning solution that you choose will soak for 15 minutes.
If you use commercial teak wood cleaner, follow the manufacturer instructions.

For scrubbing is best to use some nylon kind of plastic scrubbing brush. Do so and there will be no damage on the Teak wood.

When the teak rocking chair is soaked properly, use the garden hose to rinse all the solution off and wipe it dry with the cloth.

Tips for cleaning of your teak furniture

Do the cleaning in the shade. Because the sun can dry out the solution on furniture very quick. So the solution will not have time to soak up properly.

Cleaning teakLeave your cleaned teak rocker for 24 hours to dry out. If there are still some stains, you can use the solution of mixed a gallon of hot water and a half cup of oxalic acid. Follow the same steps as we talk about before.

To get best results and for best maintaining, you should coat your cleaned piece with the oil. Before you do this, let the cleaned furniture dry out at least 24 hours. To be sure that is fully dry out, leave it for 48 hours before applying the oil.

I hope you know, that if you clean and maintain your teak wood furniture regularly, it will last for a very long time, if not for your lifetime.

Do so and your teak rocking chair or any other teak furniture will remain beautiful and you will enjoy using it.

I hope that this instructions and tips about how to clean teak rocker will help you keep your beloved piece of teak patio furniture last for decades.

Don’t forget, the teak rocking chair can be also great as a gift for your friends or family members. Don’t forget to share this info with them.

Source: teakrocker.com

Oak Dining Table

Reasons for Purchasing Oak Dining Table

There are different forms of materials that can be used in designing dining tables and one of them is wood. Users can also select different types of woods to create the best kind of dining table they would want in their homes. Oak dining table has been one of the most famous choices for many people and this can be attributed to different reasons.

Dining tableFor starters, users are able to select from different types of sizes and shapes ranging from square dining room table and rectangle dining table. The choice will depend on the type of dining room as well as the number of people and the homeowner’s desired effect.

In addition to this, the oak dining room table regardless of its size offers an unobtrusive and subtle appearance, since it can be bought in different colors that can blend with any type of home.

The other reason to opt for an oak dining table is that it is durable and sturdy. This means that the homeowners will have the table for a very long time even up to 10 years or longer. In addition to this, the table comes with a very easy process in maintenance.

Oak dining tableThe only thing the homeowner needs to do is avoid placing extra hot objects on the table or use strong cleaning agents if they want their oak dining table to last even longer. They should also refrain from wetting the table as moisture can destroy it.

Oak dining table is very easy to assemble. Most of the time they are delivered as a package and have an instruction manual on how to carry out the simple process.

In regards to this, homeowners can also select an oak dining table that is expandable in order to not only save on space but also reduce the awkwardness created with a bigger one whether it is a square dining room table or a rectangle dining table.

Rectangle Dining Table

Rectangle dining tables – How to choose

Your rectangle dining table will take the center stage in the dining room. All the other furniture should surround the dining table since most of the dining room activity revolves around the rectangle dining room tables.

Rectangle dining tablesThe internet has a very wide selection so you can get any rectangle and square dining table to suit your every whim and need. This means that it is much easier to get the best contemporary, classic and traditional dining tables the market has to offer.

The prices also vary, so you can be sure that you will get a dining table that you can afford.

A rectangle dining table proves to be very useful in achieving the sophistication that you want your dining room to portray. It is also instrumental in making you dining area stylish and delicious looking. In fact, nothing completes the decor of a dining room better than a rectangle dining table.

The fine joinery and clean lines that rectangle tables portray is to die for. The type of material that the rectangle dining table is made from will determine the final outlook of your dining area. For example, mystic tables will lend the ultra-modern geometrical shape that will make your dining room look trendy.

Dining tableWood implies natural conformity with the rest of mankind plus it assures you of longevity hence you will not have to replace your rectangle dining table for quite sometime.

On the other hand, a marble dining table will go well with your walls and interior decor and give the implication that your table is built into the room.

A marble dining table also tends to be long lasting. Glass is very conventional and will definitely portray elegant ostentation. However, glass dining tables are susceptible to breaking. Still, you can get a dining table made from tough glass. Therefore, as you choose your rectangle dining table, be very thoughtful so that you get the most appropriate dining table. For large selection of rectangle dining tables, search the