Funny 8 ball leather jacket history

8 ball bomber jacketIf you’re a big fan of Seinfeld or you were alive in late 80’s and 90’s in California, you might recognize this fashion icon. If you like it, you’ll be glad to hear that 8 ball leather jacket is making a big comeback.

First 8 ball leather jacket was designed in 1986 by Michael Hoban, who was well known as leather master since late 60’s. Some of his clients were Jackie Onassis, Cher, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Eddie, Murphy, and even Elvis Presley.

While he had quite successful, he wasn’t well known outside California. But this jacket changed that. Michael got his inspiration for 8 ball jacket when he was visiting bowling alley. He noticed distinctive shoe sizes affixed to the back sides of bowling shoes. And that is how this jacket was born. Number 8 was added on later, which perfected the design.

8 ball jacketIn early 90’s jacket become very popular. But that had the backlash. Michael Hoban 8 ball jacket cost 775$, which made it a very wanted item.

And because a lot of kids any young adults wanted it, there was a lot of breaking in in stores that were selling it. There were a lot of robberies and even murders related to this jacket. There were even a stores that stopped selling it just to avoid any problems.

All that lead to business problems. And that wasn’t the only problem Michael Hoban had. There were a lot of companies that started to make replicas, especially in China with faux leather. And because they had cheaper labor, they could make a lot cheaper 8 ball bomber jacket.

In late 90’s popularity ran out and jacket becomes a target of jokes. You can even see it in the world famous sitcom Seinfeld. In 2002 Michael Hoban had to close the doors of his business.

8 ball leather jacket is back

If you like 8 ball bomber jacket, you can buy it once again. This fashion icon made its comeback in last year. Unfortunately, you can’t buy Michael Hoban original 8 ball bomber jacket.

However, there are a few companies that make quite good and quality jacket that is very similar to original 8 ball bomber jacket. The other good news is that they are a lot cheaper than original because the price of leather products dropped since 90’s. You can pay a little bit more and get letather8 ball bomber jacket or you can save a little bit and purchase faux leather version.