Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdoll Cat Breed – What is so special about them?

Ragdoll cat breedRagdoll cat breed is fairly new breed but is already one of the most popular breeds in the world. Most likely because of their blue eyes, distinct coat color, and docile nature.

They have great nature for people that like to cuddle their cats on regular basis. Ragdoll cat is one of the largest domestic breeds with the large frame and sturdy body.

Their plush coat has mainly long guard hairs and lacks the dense undercoat. That results in reduced shedding and matting.

As I said before, Ragdoll cats are quite large. Fully grown females can weigh anything between 8-16 pounds, which is substantially less than male Ragdoll cats who can weight between 12-20 pounds. If you ask me, they are one of the cutest cat breeds in the world.

Ragdoll Cat History

Ragdoll catRagdoll cat is a relatively young breed and originates from 1960’s. It all started with non-pedigreed Persian/Angora type white domestic cat named Josephine. Josephine had several litters sired by several unknown male Burmese or Birman-like cats, one of which had the Siamese point coloration.

Josephine owner’s neighbor Ann Baker, who was already an established cat breeder, believed she stumbled upon something special and bought several kittens.

She selectively bred those kittens over several years before they achieved desirable traits such as striking pointed coloration, large size, tendency to go limp when picked up, large size and gentle demeanor. And this is how Ragdoll cat breed started.

Ragdoll Cat breeders

Ragdoll cat is very popular and is not all that difficult to find Ragdoll Breeders. However, If you are looking for pure breed Ragdoll kitten, I would recommend that you buy it from recognized and well established Ragdoll breeder.

For those who are looking for Ragdoll kittens for sale in Ontario, to check out Aden Ragdoll Cattery. They have pure breed blue-eyed white Ragdolls that are extremely rare and very few Ragdoll breeders are breeding them.